DISCOVERY ED line uses Japanese FCD100 HOYA glass lenses to provide an extremely low chromatic dispersion, bright and sharp image.Objective Fixed technology makes the ED line more reliable and recoil proof for large calibre and lifetime use.


DISCOVERY HD/34 line is specially designed with 34mm tube and "Christmas Tree" reticle for better use and sharper image, 6x optical design provide a long range power for long range shooting and hunting.


DISCOVERY HD line is well-performed in aspects including shock proof, waterproof, high-quality image and accurate turrets. With good and stable quality, HD line has become one of the hottest models in the market.


DISCOVERY VT-T line is specially designed with tactical reticle,one of the top quality first focal plane reticles. Different optical design offers multiple choices. VT-T line also provides with an extra Discovery scope camera mount for universal use.


DISCOVERY HS line is designed with DLT FFP MOA reticle and it is equipped with lanthanum glass which offers better optical performance. HS line is known for its shockproof performance and can withstand about 1000G after test.


DISCOVERY FFP line is first focal plane scope which make a huge difference in hunting and target shooting, Illumination with red and green of 5 positions is very useful in all light conditions.


DISCOVERY HI line is designed as multifunctional scope equipped with bubble level, angle indicator, and unique rangefinder system. This line owns two patents including light switch view system and rangefinder system which provide more convenience to use.


DISCOVERY HI line is designed with HK SFP MIL and HK SFP IR-MIL reticles which are so welcomed by air rifle shooters,and the "tyre shape" turrets make it more elegant and creative.


DISCOVERY VT-3 line is specially designed with RFT FFP MOA reticle, 1/4MOA and 1/8MOA Push-Zero Lock turret is just a perfect match with the MOA reticle. It is also equipped with angle indicator and side wheel.


DISCOVERY VT-2 line is designed with HK SFP IR-MIL reticle which is so welcomed by air rifle shooters. Side focus from 10 yards let you be able to shoot from a very close distance to a long distance, it is illuminated with red and green with 5 positions.


VT-1 Pro line is specially designed with interior objective power ring which offers better quality and texture.The window-shape power display design makes it more creative and elegant.


DISCOVERY VT-1 line shows you a new definition of entry level rifle scopes. 1/4MOA and 1/8MOA turrets with Lock=Down and zero reset function make it easier to zero your scope.


DISCOVERY VT-Z line is specially designed and machined for air gun users. Multi coated glass brings extremely clear view for your eye. Also, HMW reticle helps it become a nice rifle scope.


DISCOVERY VT-R line maybe a budget scope, but it will out perform many far more expensive scopes. Illumination ensures your reticle to be visible in every light condition. It comes with sunshade and flip up covers even in such a low cost.